devin michelle bunten

Assistant Professor of Urban Economics and Housing

devin michelle bunten is the Edward H. and Joyce Linde Assistant Professor of Urban Economics and Housing. She is a teacher, writer, and urban economic theorist. Her research uses economic theory and empirical tools to study a range of urban topics, including gentrification and neighborhood change, restrictive zoning, and the white supremacy at the root of American housing. In addition to her own research, she teaches courses on Housing and Social Stratification as well as Microeconomics and Planning Economics (11.203/11.202).

Previously, she was an economist at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC and completed a PhD (UCLA, 2016) and an MA (Colorado State, 2010) in economics. Her BA (University of Colorado-Denver, 2005) was in film studies. She also helped co-found the group Abundant Housing Los Angeles to organize for more housing production in the LA region.